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Rhona F.

Love TVCC, their caring staff and most of all, Dr. Lango!

Debbie W.

Words cannot express the praise and sincere appreciation our family has for the quick response given to my husband by the Emergency Response Department and especially the Cath Lab Team on July 17, 2013 at approximately 9:00 a.m.

After returning to our home in Killen, my husband began having chest pain, numbness in his left arm, and shortness of breath. He was serving as a volunteer Cross Country Running Camp instructor and had just completed the 6.5 miles training schedule for that morning. I do give credit to my husband for calling 911 and taking an aspirin rather than hoping the symptoms would eventually go away. We have discussed the necessity of calling for help as soon as possible since he has a strong family history of heart disease in his immediate family.

Once the emergency team arrived, assessed the situation, and my husband was in the ambulance, they ran an EKG which showed an elevated ST segment. To my understanding, the EKG was transmitted to the ED, which gave them notice to prepare and expect an incoming patient having an acute heart attack. Upon arrival in the ED, within minutes the Cath Lab staff and Dr. Lango were in the room rapidly preparing my husband for an intervention. As my husband was rolled into the Cath Lab, thoughts of all the things I had ever heard go wrong bombarded my thoughts, yet I felt a sense of peace words cannot explain. I knew the expertise of the Cath Lab staff and Dr. Lango, and I knew he was in the best of hands. Within 37 minutes of arriving in the ED, the right coronary artery that was 100% occluded was opened and the precious heart muscle was spared with only minimal damage. We have expressed our praise and thoughts of sincere appreciation at each given opportunity regarding the excellent care my husband received on July 17, 2013, and how an additional 30 minutes of wait time may have changed the outcome and our lives forever!

I have to give credit to God for watching over my husband and allowing the right people to be at the right places at the right time on that early July morning. I believe this was not a coincidence, and I believe God has a plan and a message to be shared from this experience.

I have had people make comments to me that knowing the people in the Cath Lab helped in getting the rapid care needed for my husband, to which I replied, I do not believe this to be the case. I have watched these people in action on many occasions, and they consistently exhibit the high-caliber of professionalism to all patients and families they serve throughout our surrounding communities.

After his cardiac intervention, my husband was transferred to CCU where he continued to receive superior care. The experienced nurses who cared for my husband made him feel comfortable after this stressful and life-threatening experience.

We have since scheduled a second stent procedure in the Cath Lab and received the same wonderful care in a more relaxed environment in comparison to the first procedure.

In conclusion and summary of this entire experience, Dr. Lango gave my husband the wonderful news that his heart and arteries are in great condition following the heart attack, and that he will be able to begin running again in approximately 2-3 weeks. Our family will continue to spread the news of how our choice for selecting the excellent health care provided in our local area saved my husband’s heart and probably his life!

Again, Thank you so much for being there for our family in these most critical times of need!